Handyman London Services

As well as bathroom and kitchen refits we carry out all forms of plumbing throughout the house, including fitting or moving radiators, boiler changes, fitting pumps, changing taps or even simply changing cartridges and washers We take on a vast array of different jobs from changing a lightbulb to hanging your flat screen TV or fixing a plumbing problem. If think your request is too unusual, give us a call anyway – we may well surprise you

By time – Pay For The Time You Use

We can breathe new life into any building. At Finesse Interiors Build we want you to fall in love with your home again. We cover all aspects from plastering through to final decor. Whether its a new project or the home that you are in, we can help from design through to project completion.

- Choose this option if you have a 'to do' list made up of one or a number of small jobs.

- We'll send you one multi-trade handyman who can take care of all of the jobs on your list.

- Our 'by time' rates are: £50+VAT for the first half-hour and £25+VAT for any half-hour thereafter.

- We do also offer a Saturday service at our same weekday rates!

- GasSafe, Boiler & Heating Repairs are charged at £100+VAT per / hour   Mon – Fri  8am 5 pm

- Electrical work is charged at £85+VAT per hour   Mon – Fri  8am 5 pm